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The informed Camper

If you find any or know of a good tip let us know


I never used to worry about my awning when traveling. After all it seems secure enough. That is until stories started to turn up at different campgrounds about awnings dropping off onto the highways causing a lot of damage and inconvenience. Now I can't testify as to how true these stories are but it did get me to check my awning support arms. Here is what I found. The support arms were loose even though there is a clip that is suppose to hold them together. This vibration puts stress on the two screws at the top when you are riding down the highway. Here is the test. After you have put the awning away for travel, grab the support arms and see if you can shake and move them. If you can, then you need to secure them better. One way that was suggested was to wedge a tennis ball between the arm and wall of your rig. Well, that stopped the shaking OK but after two different stops heading west we lost two tennis balls. Does that tell you something? A trip to Camping World solved the problem. For only a couple of dollars pick up two Velcro straps made just for this problem. Now this works and you will have peace of mind.


Satellite Dish Tips

Want to set up your dish quicker? Be sure it is level. I use a post level used for leveling vertical studs or posts. This type level gives two readings at the same time and attaches with a rubber band. It is like putting two levels together at ninety degrees. Very handy and plastic versions are reasonably priced.


Slide out

Are you bumping into your slide out when working outside? Get yourself four feet of half inch dark colored ribbon. Cut the ribbon in half. Fold both pieces in half and press on some poster putty (found in most stationary departments) at the fold. Now stick a ribbon at each end of your slide and these will alert you when you are getting too close. Store them in the cabinet that holds your water hose, this way you will remember to attach them when setting up.